We are very proud of the service we provide for our clients. In fact, we see a client relationship drastically more personal than that of some large marketing agency. Our client relationships do not start at 9AM and end at 6PM—they stay with us to continually receive the quality service they deserve.

"Justin Boggs is a dynamic individual. Through experience and a keen sense of business, Justin is your go-to guy for strategy, funding, networking, and creating the essential core to your organization. Boggs is a visionary whose leadership and guidance can assist any company in forming the next steps on the pathway to success."
melissa g
Melissa G
Business Development- KOS Technology
"Justin has been my mentor and consultant, per se, for over 5 years in regards to start-ups. We finally created and executed on our most innovative design and he has given us guidelines for success. He is not overbearing but rather educated and knows his strengths and what he does well. Justin is TRULY an asset to any start-up, especially a first-time entrepreneur who needs guidance. He has nurtured the basics of how to start a start-up, and now that RenewU has taken a tangible shape he has helped us look at the marketplace and do necessary diligence to get it from concept to fruition."
kim k
Kim Klafczynski
CEO- RenewU
"Justin has been instrumental in addressing our benefits issues here at JMC. With his guidance we have simplified our HR resource contacts down to a one-stop, experienced and highly customer focused team. If you have a situation that you feel is at all unique, you owe it to yourself to contact Justin Boggs."
Ed Raison
Bill J Mann
Partner & CFO- Joseph, Mann & Creed
"Justin is an exceptional business developer, product conceptualizer, and team leader. His entrepreneurial spirit and positive, scrappy attitude serves him very well in inspiring teams and bringing ideas to life."
Ed Raison
Edward Raison
Project Engineer & Javascript Programmer
"Nicole is exceedingly bright and capable of problem solving her way through anything that anyone would bring to her. She is resourceful and humble - a co-operative spirit rather than a competitive nature. She has all of the right qualities to add a dynamic energy to a team. She belongs in leadership and speaking and advocacy roles."
Amber Stokes
Amber Stokes
CCLE Support Coordinator at UCLA